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Review «LJH: Tea Tree 90 Essence»

I've been meaning to write a review on this product since I got it and it seems like finally I've got the time to do so...
This product is from a korean brand called LJH which is not that popular but still... it's kind of high end product because it's quite expensive, almost $35.90 USD.
I got this product as part of Get it Beauty Box from December which I will review soon because I got delayed on it and I still have to review the one from February and March..

Let's start !!

To start with, I really liked how the packaging is very simple yet nice looking, the green color on it looks super nice along with the white background!

"Trouble Caring
Natural Moisturizing
Power Brightening"

"A light-texture tea tree oil essence that effectively treats the skin trouble and hydrates the skin"

So, it comes in a nice glass container with a dropper applicator which is pretty convenient to just take just the amount of product needed.

Volume: 50ml

Downside of this is that it might break, so I have to be very careful not to drop it and leave it inside the box on a safe place!

One of the things I liked the most about this is the fact that a little bit goes a long way, one single drop is enough for your troubled area. 

The consistency is a bit oily (oily enough) and runs very light, which makes it very easy to apply~ ^^
Also, it is color-free and fragance-free.

After my cleansing and toner, I put a tiny drop on the places I got acne, let it dry and continue with the rest of my skincare and make up.

I've been using this for 2 weeks now and I definitely could see how it made the irritation on my pimples reduce which is a significant thing when you've got pimples... 
As days go by, you can actually see how the acne becomes smaller, and then you're left with a clean and nice face.

This product is also meant to treat acne scars ^^ 

One more thing I really liked is how it doesn't make my skin dry, some products in order to dry the pimple, leave the area around it very dry... This one, by the other hand, does a really nice job at moisturizing your face !

I wanted to post some pictures, but they just looked soo gross I couldn't even post them, haha!

Overall, this is a really good treatment if you have acne, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone out there to try it out ! 

I have already put this product on Luvocracy so if you are interested, you can buy it from their page here!

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