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Daily Life «My back to school items»

Good morning guys!
I actually started class today (Feb 18th) and I just thought it could be nice if I write a post about my back to school items!

For some reason, one thing for me to do good at school is having cute items, nice notebooks and pens, eraser, pen case... If I don't have cute things that make me happy, most likely my books will look horrible and it would be a pain to study and write down notes....

So, let's check them out !

Molang Diary Planner

Molang, molang... I 
 Molang !

I have been in search of a nice planner since forever... And I just love korean planners so much, I already have some planners which are weekly, but I was in huge need of a yearly planner because I tend to forget assigments and even if I put a reminders on my cellphone, it just doesn't work...

Last year I saw molang diary but I didn't get it because it was already August or something, so I decided to get one to start 2014 with and have it all year around...

The thing I like the most is the fact that includes stickers !
And you can write absolutely anything on it.... too many pages to write stuff and never forget ^^
All so, this is an any time planner, so you can start it any single day you want !

Hellogeeks Pens

This ballpoint pens are really, really nice to write with !
I have always loved colorful pens but most of it, I tend to buy ones that have small diameter... I really hate writing with really thick pens and stuff.... 
So I got these and they are 0.35mm which is Heaven for me.
The colors are super pretty and the pens have very cute patterns as well ^^

달콤살콤 디져트지우개 erasers

I've got this eraser for some time now and I just love how cute they are, they all are desserts-looking!
They are super soft and smell very pretty as well.
Some times I just feel like I don't want to waste them ;_;

I haven't seen this anymore so I don't know if they still make this.
I hope I can find this once again and buy lots of backups !

Lovely Pencil Case

I have this case since October last year and I just love it so much.
The pattern is really nice with the eiffel tower on it, it is simple yet very cute !

12.800 원

I will probably update this soon because there're some more things I've order...
Or maybe I would make a Part2 of this posts...
Stay tuned ^^