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Review «Memebox: Time on my lip [CR 02 WHOP CORAL]»

This is one more item I've had for a couple of months now and it is from MEMEBOX ^^
I've been a fan of memebox since the just launched their US site and I was very excited when I saw their own line ^^

As soon as I saw this product on their instagram I was like: "I need to buy it now!"
I looked very pretty on the picture, the first thing I thought was: "It looks like the girl has eaten some popsicle", that was what caught my attention and made me want to but this tint.

This lip tint comes in 2 shades:
PK01 Awesome Pink
CR02 Whop Coral

Back in October I was pretty much into orange lip tint shades and I wanted to but all my lip tints orange, which is why this color also caught my eye....

However, now I'm more into Coral shades, and I think this lip tint fits more into that Coral category (hence the name, whop coral)

The shade is very pretty and natural... The color is very buildable and can be wore in many different ways: From subtle, sweet and innocent looking coral lips to nice vibrant lips.

This lip tint and the face shop peach cushion blusher are basically the 2 items I enjoy using when I want an innocent make up look, as I describe it: "Sweet Tokyo Girl" kind of look.

The consistency is very unique, it's almost like Mamonde's lip tint...
It's not jelly, and it is not glossy... I don't know how to describe the texture of it.... I thinks it's a bit lighter than the usual liquid hand soap... ?
Does it make sense?
I'm very bad at describing textures ^^'

Something that has to be noted about this lip tint is the fact that it is slightly scented, however the scent doesn't last :)

As for lasting power, it is said by memebox that it last for around 12hours... It does last enough for me compared to other lip tints... however, after a heavy meal you do need to apply it... specially if you've applied it sheerly...

Overall, I really like this lip tint and would definitely repurchase... I only wish they had more colors available... I don't like pink on my lips so I wouldn't buy the pink one, hahaha... I wish they had a nice vampy looking red, haha :)

Thank you for reading guys!

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