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Review «The Face Shop: Lovely me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher [05호 Peach Cushion]»

Hello everyone,
It's been a while since I've posted a review on this blog...

Last year it was kind of though for me emotionally which is why I didn't really posted stuff, even though I've wanted to keep this blog alive for so long... I really enjoy writing reviews and sharing the thing I like with all of you <3

Anyway, hopefuly this year everything gets better... Today is the 1st day of February, and with the start of this month and the couple of decisions I make this first 3 days will determine most of the year for me, it makes me very anxious and everything... But I'm trying to keep my spirit up and hope for the best. 

I wanted to review something since the very beginning of the year, but I was pretty sick almost all January so now, I can, finally, review something for you guys ^^

This is, I think the very first review of a blusher on this blog~~

I rarely wear blushers because I'm lazy, hahah... But I got this not so long ago and I found myself really liking it.
I got this Peach one which is very natural and very flattering on my skin !

This blush comes in 5 shades:
No.1 Rose Cushion
No.2 Coral Cushion
No.3 Plum Cushion
No.4 Pink Cushion

and the one I bought:

No. 05 Peach Cushion

The packaging is very cute and the applicator is very soft and nice, with a little ribbon to grab it with.
The only downside of the packaging is that the top lid? is a little bit loose, so if you are not careful it can open in your bag or so...

How cute is it?
The color is very pretty ^^ and natural looking.

The color is somewhat sheer, but you can adjust the intensity of it... However it will keep looking peachy and natural~

This is a swatch of the product, my camera luckily could capture the exact shade of this blusher !
It is very soft/pastel orange/coral shade which looks so good on yellow/warm skin tones.

I really love this blusher and use it whenever I want to create some sort of 'sweet tokyo girl' kind of look~

This became my favourite blusher so far and I would repurchase once I run out of this one :)

As for the future, I have some lip product reviews coming up... I've already took the pictures (which as always, end up looking dull and stuff, but I'm trying my best!).. So please wait for them ^^

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