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Review «Clio: VF21 CC Cushion [Volume Face 21]»

Because I just started classes again I've been having a little bit of free time which means I can post things here, but still have work to do ;_;
Anyway, I've been really into CC Cushions for the past three months and I've been really into trying to find the one I like the most, which means: I've spent so much money on make up ;_;

CLIO's make up has always catched my attention, and It's a bit pricer than other most popular korean brands imo, but I decided to finally buy something from them and I got their CC Cushion... 

At first I wanted to get the VF (Vampire Face) one but decided to try this instead since I already had a sample for the other one.

(I had to retake the pictures today so I apologize in advance because it is already used and stuff)


First of all the packaging is not bulky as any other cushion cases (like the one from Etude, haha), it is very handy and doesn't occupy lots of space. 

Apart from that, it is like any other case, it comes with an inside lid to separate the product from the 'external part' aka 'mirror & sponge'.

It comes in 2 colors:

No.1 Pink
No. 2 Beige

Because I have yellow undertones I chose the No.2 Beige.

The color does have yellow undertones but it came to be a little light for me (I'm usually Natural Beige No.23) so I hope they could come out with Beige 01, Beige 02... and so on.

I found this cushion to be light to medium coverage, it did a good job at covering some of my spots and the redness around my nose, it also made my skin color even. 

Now that I hink about it, I kind of like the tome it gave to my face, hahah. Can you see how I have a huge discoloration on the left side which seems odd cause you can see exactly where the two tones are divided?.

After applying the cushion it is not noticeable which is a huge thing!

Excuse my redness but I had just removed all my make up in order to apply this product and my skin is so sensitive that it turned red while cleansing with a tissue. ^^'

The formula is very friendly for people with dry face as well, it doesn't accentuate dryness but if you have dry patches use a moisturizer before hand.

As for the lasting power it is kind of average, it all depends on your skin and the weather. I live in a humid place so I have to re apply it after 3~4 hours.

Overall I think this was a good purchase and would actually buy it again, the only reason why I wouldn't is the color range, however this color would only suit me for winter so I would probably buy a refill, but I dont think it is a good color for summer.

This product retails around $18.50~$20 USD on ebay.

Thank you for reading ! :)

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