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Review «HappyMori: Cellphone Accessory»

Hello guys !
Happy Chinese New Year !
Can you believe it is February already?, time is going so fast this year...
January treated me so well and gave so many good surprises, I'm loving 2014 so far!
I hope you are having a great time as well~

Today I will show you something different, not beauty related but still something I really, really like which is.... Phone Charms/straps however you want to call it !

This item is from a popular korean brand  called  HAPPYMORI(해피모리that sells all this really cute cellphone covers, cases and overall phone accesories... 

It is a pink elephant ! 
It is made out of wood, and painted by hand I assume...
It has a three-colored strip with yellow blue and red/pink colors as you can see, the colors are not vivid, they are pastels.

This actually the only color it comes in, and I wish the strip was some kind of flag or anything but it stills look nice!

It also had a couple of beads... one very short which is the red one you see above which is also made out of wood...
And the other was which is transparent and is attached to a beaded chain~

The packgaing has really nice decoration, haha, it's cute~~~~~~^-^
You can actually see the misspelling in 'happiness' ;)

Overall, the quality of this item is very good and I just hope for it to last me long time...

I will be back to you soon with some reviews of a couple of back to School items…
Stay tuned !
Take care ^^

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