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Review «Mamonde: Pure tinted lips»

Happy new year everyone !
I hope this 2014 is filled with lots of love, happiness, health and beauty ^^ 

I also hope through this year you get all the encouragement needed in order to make all your New year resolutions come true!

As for now, I will write the first review of the year... A Lip tint !

so, for me.. this is actually the first time trying out a Mamonde product, I know Mamonde has been getting popular among korean beauty bloggers lately because of their cushion foundation, I think?.
Anyway... Since I love lip tints so much and saw this, I decided to get it and give it a try :)

please excuse the horrible lightening!
It's raining outside right now

The lip tint comes in a nice grey color, and the sides of the box are a nice light-defusing golden color... Somehow, I think it looks elegant :)

So, this tint comes in 3 colors:
01. Peach Plum
02. Tulip
03. Carnation

I got this lip tint in color 03 카네이션 {Carnation}

At first, when I just got it, I was a little bit dissappointed with the color, because I saw it as red, and the bottle and the tint in real life look pinkish... Now that I look closely to the image, the color does look like it tends to be a bit pinkish, but those things aren't noticed by the eye at once, and specially when you're so excited to buy stuff, haha..

Anyway... The tint comes in a plastic bottle with a really soft applicator brush... which looks like this: 

I actually, had to take this picture under a different lightening because... weather.

My first impression of the product was: "God, it feels like I'm putting shampoo on my lips", and that is the exact feeling I get every single time I apply it... the consistency is quite jelly-like but, feels like shampoo, that's all I'm going to say about it.

The color, I just felt completely in love with it.. it's true it isn't the color I was expecting it to be, and it isn't pink neither is red, but it gives a really nice color to your lips to the point that makes them look sooo natural as if you are not wearing any lip tint at all!
It's sooo good!

You can actually built the color up for a darker shade, but with just one coat you get a nice, natural color !

So, at the end of the day, I really like this lip tint, It has one of those everyday kind of lip colors I like it ^^
Whenever I feel lazy to use any other lip tint, I just apply this and it just makes your face look healthy and alive due to the natural finish it gives...

I would really recommend it to you guys if you are in search of a natural looking lip tint.

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