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Review «Etude House: Precious Mineral Any Cushion»

Hello everyone !
I hope you have been enjoying this first 10 days of the year...

I haven't been busy lately, so I've been feeling so in the mood to review things and stuff.

Also, I'm -So not patiently- wating for an order to come, It will be delivered next week I assume, so I hope you guys stay tuned for a collective/masive haul I made on December, because there're so many products I really want to share with you guys~~

For now... let's get started with this review!

This is actually, the first time for me to try out a Cushion Foundation, I know cushon has being a huge trend in korea for the past 4 months or so...

So I actually decided to give it a try and get this Foundation by Etude House !

The color I choose was W13: Natural Beige

Something I've been really liking lately is the fact that most products are now coming with more than SPF 40, this cushion is SPF 50+, PA++, and I think this is one of the products I have that has the highest SPF !

"The cushion foundation perfects all-day radiant and moist skin with its multi-function of brightening, wrinkle-reducing, sebum control, and flawless coverage"

The packaging is pretty simple yet it makes it look kind of classy.
It's plane white with the little silver detailings with Etude's 'E' and the brand name.
I really like the fact that it is a compact because it's easy to take it around with you everywhere.

I'm very sorry about the dirty sponge T_T
I thought I had taken this pictures already before using it but... no. 

It comes with a sponge applicator, this sponge as any other ones that come with cushion type foundations are supposed to prevent the product from being soaked into the sponge as all the regular ones do.. So basically, the product stay on the surface of the sponge as you apply it to your face... Do I make sense?

As I said before, the color I choose was W13: Natural Beige, even though the color in the picture looks a bit darker... it is not that dark at all.
if you have tried Etude House BB Creams, this shades stay true as the ones in every single BB Cream so far.

The consistency of this foundation is light creamy... It is not liquidly even though it kind of seems like it, but it's not fully creamy at all... It is definitely lighter than the Etude House regular BB Creams.
You can also apply it with your fingers but imo it can a bit harder and uneven, so I would recommend using the sponge it comes with; also, its finish is slightly dewy and it feels slightly sticky as well... Just make sure to let it dry a little bit before applying your powder.

This foundation covered all my pimples and evened out my skin tone.
Sadly, you still can see my dark circles but they got minimized.
I have a serious case of hyperpigmentation on both sides of my face and I need to treat it, so if you guys now about any product that can help with it, please let me know...

Coverage wise, it has a medium coverage and you can built it up as much as you can without it looking cakey which is a +++
Also once it is fully absorbed it leaves your face really soft to touch !

I hope you guys have found this review useful, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me on ask fm at the left side of my blog as well as on Disqus !

See you soon with a new review :)

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