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Review «Etude House: Minnie in the Nails [Minnie Red]»

Hello everyone!
I've been wanting to write this review for a while now, but with finals and everything I bit my nails to the point that they looked really bad, ;_;
Now, they are a little bit longer and better looking so you can see how the polish looks like~

Let's start ;) !

I just fell in love with this polishes when  first saw them, the whole concept of Minnie and Mickey is just super cute and the packgaging looks more that pretty with all the mickey's head shaped detailing on the lid~

They actually have two main bold products this line, the other ones are quite glittery/sparkly kind of polishes...
This line is Limited Edition so try them out before they run out (?)

As for the polish itself~
The one I got is Minnie Red (미니레드)~  

The Volume of this polish is actually 8ml for aprox. $6 USD

I actually wish it came with a little more product, I have use it twice and it already feels like I'm running out of it (I have left just half of it maybe...)

The brush is super nice and soft, it looks very HQ, so far I haven't had the problem of the little bristles coming off...

The color is super gorgeous too, and it was perfect for the winter's burgundy trend which I was so in love with~ ^^  

Also, the polish is very easy to apply, it runs very smooth on the nails and doesn't clump, you can actually coat it without any problem...

Downside of it is the fact that it does chip easily, pretty easy tbh...
You can literally just remove a whole coat of nail polish as if it was a piece of tape on your nails... Which can be handy if you want to remove it and change color and not so much if you want to keep your nail polish looking pretty~

So this is how it looks like (sorry if you still see any messy edges around -__- I had just finished painting my nails~)

This is actually the best picture I could get, hahah it was late at night and had to use the flah, but the color is actually the same as the picture~ 

This is one of the polishes I got from this line, I bought two of the glittery ones and I will review them soon!

Thank you for reading ^^

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